About Azimuth Builders

There's no way around it, we love everything about constructing buildings. From design builds through general contracting and even integrated projects, we thrive on meeting your needs for a Calgary commercial builder, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business!

More importantly, we are driven to support you in advancing your business to the next level. After all, you have a vision and you want quality behind it. By focusing on the future of your business, we look for progressive solutions, particularly in modern energy efficient and environmental designs. Buildings often include solutions in:

  • Green construction, supporting Net Zero/Near Zero, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and passive house construction,
  • Modern design, ensuring interesting and innovative designs for buildings that come to life, and
  • Cost-effective plans, allowing you the design and building you need without going over your budget.

These solutions, guided by our company mission and commitment to quality service, allow you to build for tomorrow.

Our Vision

To improve standards across the construction industry, raising the quality of all building experiences.

Core Values
  • Safety: Safety remains our priority above all else
  • Quality: Better designs, systems and skills simply lead to better buildings
  • Transparency: Honesty ensures no surprises for anyone
  • Fairness: Objective and external support ensures project quality and standards
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SECOR Certification: A Dedication to Safety

With a commitment to safety, we pride ourselves not just on quality construction, but on transparent and fair-minded business practices that enhance our safety processes because safety doesn’t happen just by accident. It takes work, which is why Azimuth President, Gary Bizek took the time to secure his SECOR health and safety certification. The requirements for this credential are extensive, and include, among other details:

  • A standing ACSA membership,
  • Completion of a number of certification courses, including first aid training and industry-specific safety training classes,
  • Development and implementation of a robust health and safety program, and finally,
  • A minimum of three months’ worth of health and safety documentation.

Safety is an evolving, ongoing process – and at Azimuth, we’re committed to seeing it through, every step of the way.

SECOR Certification

Meet Gary Bizek

President, Calgarian, Builder Innovator, All Around Great Guy

About Gary Bizek

Gary Bizek is the President of Azimuth Builders Ltd. While we could tell you that he's a born and raised Calgarian, family man and outdoor enthusiast, he'd rather we tell you about why he founded Azimuth.

After building his 25-year career in Calgary's construction industry, he simply knew he wanted to better support companies with designing and constructing buildings for their future. And because of his experience, including as a Red Seal Machinist, Mechanical Engineering Technologist and Building Technologist, he brought a unique understanding of all aspects of design build and construction management.

When he started Azimuth in 2009, he knew that, as a company, everyone must be committed to ongoing training. This means Gary, along with his employees, regularly attend training courses and seminars focused on safety, construction management, design and building techniques. This allows you to receive a more innovative and superior product.

Gary is the heart of Azimuth, committed to showing you what the construction industry should be, while supporting the future of your business. And, this dedication is infectious across our ever-growing company!

A Few Words from Our Clients

Not much makes us blush, but we’re definitely red over here!

I felt comfortable and had piece of mind that Azimuth Builders were handling the construction of my first owned building. They gave me ways on how to save money when my ideas were just to extravagant. I was satisfied that Azimuth Builders was in charge of the construction and would recommend them anytime.

Sheni's Auto Trends
Sheni's Auto Trends

Auto-Quip has worked with Gary and the team at Azimuth Builders for the past two years on numerous job sites and will continue to do so in the future. It is always a pleasure to work with the team at Azimuth due to their reliability and utmost professionalism. They produce great quality work, in an efficient and timely manner which is always appreciated. One of the key things that makes Azimuth different from other companies is their attention to detail and forward-thinking attitude. We highly recommend their services to those in the local area.

Iain Hopkins
Iain Hopkins

We would be happy to recommend Azimuth Builders and we would not hesitate to use them again on another project.

Kramer Direct
Kramer Direct

While working through extensive office buildout requirements for a client, I was impressed by the openness and understanding of Azimuth when interacting with client requests and their ability to perform the obligations under strict timelines.

Jason Duncan
Jason Duncan

Vice President Industrial, Coldwell Banker Commercial