Construction Trends To Look Out For In 2019
Construction Trends To Look Out For In 2019
With the year 2019 just round the corner, it is now time to take a look and prepare oneself for the popular trends that are set to rule the year 2019, especially in the construction industry. 2018 was a good year for the construction industry which saw quite a few advancements taking centre stage like BIM, VR etc. While these trends are set to retain their popularity in the year 2019, there are certain other trends which also need to be taken into account so that one is absolutely prepared to take advantage of the same in the upcoming year.
    Any articles listing the top 6 trendsetting advancements of the year 2019 would definitely include the following:
      Augmented reality or AR: VR or virtual reality has been around for some time now but with the introduction of augmented reality, VR is ready to take a back seat. Augmented reality simple refers to the visualisation of the real world through the eyes of the camera. Thus, for the construction industry, this concept is bound to open up new frontiers since it will almost revolutionise projection of building designs and also the actual process of construction.
        Data ecosystem and construction software: Today real time collaboration software is already a hit with the construction industry. But with the rapid emergence of the data ecosystem, innovative construction stalwarts are all set to come together and enable sharing of real-time data, experiences and knowledge about construction projects. Thus this is all set to bring about a paradigm change in the construction industry thereby taking it forward in leaps and bounds.
          Drones: The ability to understand what lies ahead especially for construction worksites all parts of which are as yet not physically accessible, is all due to the use of drones. They help to prevent unknown hassles from cropping up during an on-going construction with their precise and accurate readings, thus saving construction time as a whole. While still in its nascent stage, there is a lot that can be achieved with the help of drones; thus their utility and functionality are yet to be fully witnessed. This ensures that drones remain the hot topic of discussion especially for construction industry insiders.
            Robotics: The utility of robotics cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to the construction industry. While the initial cost of adopting this technology is still a bit high, the fact that they are extremely accurate and precise in their output ensures that they live up to their cost. In fact the day is not far when man-operated construction projects are completely taken over.
              Cloud technology: The mobile facilitates communication and data exchange while on the go with the help of the cloud technology. With such a huge space available for the storage of data and information in the cloud, mobile technology along with its cloud based operations are definitely set to change the perception of the construction industry in the year 2019.
                GPS: This is a technology which has been there for quite some time but its usefulness as a creative and resourceful element in the construction industry has just begun to unfold. Consequently, the use of the GPS is set to increase with innovative ways of usage coming to light thereby ensuring rapid progress is made especially in the construction industry. Some of the innovative ways in which GPS is being used in this industry are:
                • Surveying,
                • Data collection from prospective worksites,
                • Fleet management especially in vehicle tracking,
                • Keeping a tab on equipments used so that stolen or lost equipments can be quickly and easily found etc.
                It goes without saying that the year 2019 is set to be the breakthrough year for this industry. It is only a matter of time when the construction industry will see high productivity and lesser project delays thereby changing people’s perception of the same.