<span>DESIGN</span> BUILD

First, what is design-build? Well, it’s a way to add organization, efficiency, and streamlined processes to your commercial construction project. Specifically, design-build is a construction process where the design and building aspects are managed by a single point of contact. This helps to minimize risks and often reduces delivery timelines by overlapping the design and construction phases in your project. Many individuals prefer this form of construction as it:

  • Adds more accountability to your design-build partner (in other words, us),
  • Supports everything from conceptual drawings and estimates through to the final turnkey,
  • Allows you to easily connect your design to the future of your business,
  • Focuses on working with your ideas and vision, while remaining flexible, and
  • Offers faster response and, typically, more comprehensive construction budgets, allowing for a fuller picture to the true costs of your project.

Plain and simple, if you’re looking to expand your business without adding stress, our design-build services could be exactly what your Calgary business needs.