Commercial and industrial construction is all about coordination, collaboration, and innovative creation. The hiccups happen when there are multiple primary players working without a well-developed integrated approach. With Azimuth Builders, you gain the ability to save time and costs with our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) service. In using this delivery method for service, all players – from architects and engineers to project coordinators, supervisors and major subtrades – are aligned with the interests and objectives of your project.

By working together, the different aspects of your project are no longer siloed, but developed alongside each other, creating:

  • Faster delivery times, with more responsive communication,
  • Maximized costs, often resulting in lowered overall fees,
  • Better accuracy in your initial scope development,
  • A reduction in waste for a “greener” construction process, and
  • Greater productivity all around due to a collaborative approach.

IPD brings clarity to where you’re starting from, where you want your project to go, and how to get there in a safe and reliable manner as we draft the vision of what your building could be.