Innovation and quality are what Azimuth believes makes great buildings. This is why we are proud to be an authorized builder of Steelway Building Systems. This premiere Canadian manufacturer of pre-engineered, conventional and hybrid steel buildings designs their products so all components work together to act as a cohesive system. This maximizes your building’s efficiencies, while allowing for a precise fit, enhancing the overall building performance and structural integrity.

What else makes us proud to build Steelway Buildings Systems?

  • Capacity for completely customizable buildings
  • Modern looks are enhanced with functional and durable designs
  • High end quality ensures building’s structural integrity
  • Price remains competitive without compromising on quality or safety
  • Integration and expandability of buildings thanks to adaptable components
  • Ease in building modifications, such as adding overhead doors and windows


From vision to completion, supply and design builds, let us work alongside you to design, supply and erect your Steelway building.


Did you know?
As part of our relationship with Steelway, we are able to distribute quality cranes through their sister company, Zelus Material Handling. If you require a crane for your construction project, contact us to inquire further.

Learn more about how a pre-engineered steel building can enhance your commercial or industrial construction experience.



*While we are an official builder of pre engineered Steel Buildings, we do not exclusively use their products for all commercial and industrial construction.